I’d like to introduce…

Edward George "Ted" Turner

Edward George Turner, known affectionately to his family and friends as Ted, was a kind hearted, gregarious, right jolly English gent, loved by all who knew him. He was born on the 27th of June 1911 at Blake Cottage, Horn Street in Winslow, Buckinghamshire, where his father was employed as head groom to Mr Gosling of Blake House.

And His Lovely Wife…


Miss Phyllis Mary Collins, daughter of William Collins, publican of the George Inn in Winslow, which is where Ted met her one fateful day in the 1930s

[Almost] Wordless Wednesday: Missing my grandparents


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Feeling a little listless, lost, and ungrounded tonight. I spend so much time with the dead…poring through the past, trying to reconstruct lives from sometimes nothing more than scraps of barely legible paper…wondering who they were and what they would have wished people could know about  them now. I am so lucky to have had all four of my grandparents in my life for as long as they were. I was so loved. But, I wish I’d asked  them more questions. Not about facts and dates, but rather about their thoughts and the memories of all the little moments in their lives which they would have wanted me to keep safe in my memory for them.  I really want to get it right……Know what I mean? I’m not sure I’m explaining myself, but I want to post their picture before it’s Thursday. I hope (…more)