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Edward George "Ted" Turner

Edward George Turner, known affectionately to his family and friends as Ted, was a kind hearted, gregarious, right jolly English gent, loved by all who knew him. He was born on the 27th of June 1911 at Blake Cottage, Horn Street in Winslow, Buckinghamshire, where his father was employed as head groom to Mr Gosling of Blake House.

And His Lovely Wife…


Miss Phyllis Mary Collins, daughter of William Collins, publican of the George Inn in Winslow, which is where Ted met her one fateful day in the 1930s

Surname Saturday: Filbee

A reader’s question prompted me to revisit my problematic Filbee family, whose fondness for the given name Hugh makes researching this line difficult.

The Filbee surname is found in my maternal grandfather’s part of the family tree. Alice Filbee, and generations of Filbees before her, lived and died in Lewknor, Oxfordshire. Alice (1748–1819) was my 5th great grandmother. She married William Quartermaine in Lewknor on Christmas Eve 1768. Their grandson was Thomas Smith, whom I’ve written about here.

In researching this surname over the years, I’ve come across many variations, including: Fylbye, Filby, Filbie, Fillby, Felby, Philby, Philbey.  Filbee families were scattered all around Oxfordshire in the 17th-19th centuries, but my particularly confusing branch lived in Lewknor. From the parish register transcripts, it’s clear that, at any given time, there were two or more Filbee men living in the village, but I’m most interested in those named Hugh.  There was a plethora of them. Here’s a chronology of Lewknor baptisms, marriages, and burials related to men named Hugh Filbee:

These St. Margaret’s register entries are extracted from the transcripts published by the Oxfordshire Family History Society which are available on CD–ROM through their website.


1674 Dec 22 Bap Filbee Anne d Hugh & Anne This may be the Hugh Fillby & Anne Burnham, of Tettsworth who married by license in nearby Thame 2 Dec 1673 (then left Thame)
1676 Dec 16 Bap Filbee Hugh s Hugh & Anne
1675 Dec   4 Bap Filbee Francis s Hugh & Anne
1682 Jun  15 Bap Filbee Mary d Hugh 7 Anne
1686 Aug   9 Bap Filbee Richard s Hugh & Anne
1688 Jul   28 Bur FIlbee Ann w Hugh
1708 May 20 Mar Filbee Hugh    Chapman Ales     Adwell Adwell was nearby. This couple baptized their first child, son Hugh, at Adwell on 15 March 1708/9, and buried him there a week later.
1712 Apr  17 Bap Filbee Mary d Hugh & Ales
1714 Aug   3 Bap Filbee Alice d Hugh & Alice
1717 Apr  13 Bap Filbee Elizabeth d Hugh & Alis
1719/20 Jan   15 Bap Filbee Jane d Hugh & Ales
1719/20 Mar 12 Bur Filbee Alis d Hugh & Alis
1722 Apr  27 Bap Filbee Hugh s Hugh & Alice
1724 Feb  25 Bap Filbee Alice d Hugh & Alice
1729 Oct    7 Bap Filbee Judith d Hugh & Alice
1742 Dec 13 Bur Filbee Hugh
1744/5 Mar 14 Bur Filbee Alice
1748 Jun  29 Bap Filbee Alice d Hugh & Anna–Maria Hugh Filby and Anna Maria Waklin, both of Lewknor, were married in  nearby Bix, Oxon, on 28 Jan 1747/8; 5 mo. before Alice’s bap.
1749 Sep  17 Bap Filbee Hugh s Hugh & Anna–Maria
1751 Sep  17 Bap Filbee Mary d Hugh & Anna–Maria
1753 Jul   15 Bap Filbee Judith d Hugh & Anna–Maria
1755 Jun    1 Bap Filbee John s Hugh & Anna–Maria
1757 Dec 24 Bur Filbee Naria [sic] w Hugh the younger
1759 Feb  25 Bap Filbee Ann d Hugh & Eve
1761 Nov 15 Bap Filbee Jane baseborn d Hugh, and Eve Waklen
1764 Apr   9 Bap Filbee James baseborn s Hugh and Eve Waklen
1766 Jun  29 Bap Filbee Richard baseborn s Hugh, and Eve Waklen
1767 Jan  14 Bur FIlbee Hugh Probably Alice’s widow
1769 Jan     3 Bap Filbee Anna Maria basborn d Hugh and Eve Waklen
1769 Apr  17 Mar Filbee Hugh  Slaughter Alice   botp Wm Quartermaine Wit
1771 Aug 18 Bap Filbee Hugh s Hugh & Alice
1772 May  1 Bur Filbee Hugh
1776 Jun  16 Bap Filbee John and Elizabeth twin ch Hugh & Alice
1779 Jan  17 Bap Filbee Thomas s Hugh & Alice
1782 Mar   3 Bap Filbee John s Hugh & Alice
1819 Dec 29 Bur Waklin Eve 92
1823 May 31 Bur Filbee Hugh 74 Birth abt 1749

This week, I received copies of probate records from the Oxfordshire Records Office, which shed some light on how the Hughs fit together. I’ll be posting about those later in the week. See more here.

(Surname Saturday is a daily blogging prompt hosted by Geneabloggers)

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5 comments to Surname Saturday: Filbee

  • Tessa Watkins

    I found your website this morning. My name is Quartermaine, Alice Filbee and William Quartermaine were my 4th Great Grandparents. I believe that Anna-Maria Waklin was Alice’s mother (1725-1757), they married in Bix 1747.
    William and Alice had 11 children, I think: John 1769-1853; Benjamin 1771-1852; Anna-Maria 1773; William 1775-1857; Stephen 1777- ; Ann 1779-1780; Thomas 1781 – ; Elizabeth 1784 – Richard 1784 – 1835 -; Ann 1787 – ; Abraham 1790 – 1834.
    Having seen Hugh’s will, I need to revisit his off-spring. I have Alice, Hugh, Mary, Judith and a John and then some other possible children by a second wife: Ann, Jane, James, Richard and Anna-Maria. No sign of Henry or Elizabeth. I am currently trying to get some order of the Filbee family. As you say, they are quite spread out in Oxfordshire with the name Hugh being especially popular!

    • Claire

      Hi Tessa,

      Thanks for sharing! I will look through my Filbee notes and let you know how everything I have fits into your family.

  • Tessa Watkins

    My theory is this:
    After Anna-Maria died, Hugh and Eve, Anna-Maria’s younger sister, had a long lasting relationship that produced the other children. Ann and Jane are mentioned in the will. Eve’s death is registered in her maiden name and I can find no evidence of a marriage.

    • Claire

      Regarding Hugh and Eve’s long standing relationship, with its four “spurious” births, I have the same theory in my notes. However, I don’t think the Hugh Filbee who made a will in 1756 and died around 1767, is the husband of Anna-Maria and lover of her sister Eve, mainly because the dates are wrong, and I don’t think he’s the Hugh born in 1722, of Hugh and wife Alice/Ales, or the father Hugh (wife Alice/Ales) because of the discrepancies between the children’s names in the parish register and the children named in the 1756 will. I’m going to write a post with a chart comparing wills, birth and death records, as I think that will highlight the holes, one being the son Henry. I’m looking forward to learning what you can make of it all :-)

  • [...] men named Hugh Filbee dating back to the earliest entries. I wrote about the Lewknor register in this post. In 1585,  Hugh Filbee and his wife Alice (of course) baptized son William at Adwell. Jump ahead [...]

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