I’d like to introduce…

Edward George "Ted" Turner

Edward George Turner, known affectionately to his family and friends as Ted, was a kind hearted, gregarious, right jolly English gent, loved by all who knew him. He was born on the 27th of June 1911 at Blake Cottage, Horn Street in Winslow, Buckinghamshire, where his father was employed as head groom to Mr Gosling of Blake House.

And His Lovely Wife…


Miss Phyllis Mary Collins, daughter of William Collins, publican of the George Inn in Winslow, which is where Ted met her one fateful day in the 1930s

Surname Saturday: The Ubiquitous Smiths of Lewknor, Oxfordshire

The more common the name, the more difficult the research can be, and my Smiths of Lewknor are right up there. Thomas Smith, a watercress grower, and his wife Eleanor “Ellen” Holland, raised a large family in Lewknor, Oxfordshire, in the mid 19th century. Smiths had lived in that area for decades, so Thomas’s brothers and cousins were also baptizing, and burying family members in the local church at the same time. There were also Smith families living in the nearby Postcombe, a hamlet so tiny it had no church of its own.

Here are the records of Smith baptisms and burials during the time Thomas and Ellen lived in Lewknor. I’ve taken them from the published parish registers. The next step of course is to order the FHL microfilms to view the parish registers themselves. Births and deaths after the date range here would come from records at the GRO or from the microfilms. In a later post, I will compare these records to census records, to see if it’s possible to recreate the various families.

Smith Baptisms (1820–1856) & Burials (1820–1884)

St. Margaret’s,  Lewknor

Originally transcribed by Brigadier F.R.L. Goadby, 1982

1820   7 May Bur.   Smith William 52 South Weston
16 Jul Bap.   TH Smith Thomas s James & Sarah lab Postcomb
1823 26 Jan Bap.   Smith Anne d James & Sarah lab Postcomb
25 May Bap.   Smith Martha Heley d John & Mary lab Postcomb
1824 22 Jul Bur.   Smith Sarah 10 yrs 7 mos
28 Dec Bur.   Smith John 44
1825   6 Nov Bap.   Smith Sophia d John & Mary lab Postcomb
1826 29 Jan Bap.   Smith Mary d James & Sarah (Mary incorrectly entered), lab, Postcomb
1827 16 Sep Bap.   Smith Mary d William & Sarah lab
1829 11 Jan Bap.   Smith Rachel s Robert & Mary lab Postcomb
30 Aug Bap.   Smith Richard s James & Sarah lab
1830   4 Apr Bap.   Smith Rebecca d William & Sarah lab
31 Jul Bur.   Smith Rebecca 4 mos
1831 27 Jan Bap.   Smith Phineal s Mark & Louisa travelling brasier
  3 Jul Bap.   Smith Esther d John & Mary lab Postcomb
17 Jul Bap.   Smith John s William & Sarah lab
13 Sep Bur.   Smith John 3 mos
1832 23 Apr Bur.   Smith Sarah 87
23 Sep Bap.   Smith Henry s James & Sarah lab
1833 10 Mar Bap.   Smith Ann d Thomas & Eleanor lab
14 Apr Bap.   Smith Mary Ann d James & Caroline lab
1834   1 Jun Bap.   Smith Jane d John & Mary lab Postcomb
22 Nov Bur.   Smith Stephen 21 dislocated spine
1835 15 Feb Bap.   Smith Elizabeth d Thomas & Ellinor lab
21 Jun Bap.   Smith Samuel s William & Sarah lab (entered into register in 1838)
25 Oct Bap.   Smith John s John & Caroline lab
1836 24 Feb Bur.   Smith Mary 79 typhus
30 Oct Bap.   Smith Mary d Thomas & elenerEleanor lab
18 Dec Bap.   Smith Mary Anne d John & Mary lab Postcomb
1837 14 May Bap.   Smith Jane d Thomas & Sarah lab Postcomb
1838   6 May Bap.   Smith George s Sophy lacemaker
  7 Oct Bap.   Smith John s Thomas & Eleanor lab
11 Nov Bap.   Smith Sarah d James & Caroline shepherd
1840   2 Feb Bap.   Smith Sarah d William & Sarah lab
  8 Mar Bap.   Smith Sarah Elizabeth d John & Mary lab Postcomb
19 Apr Bap.   Smith William s James & Caroline lab
  2 Sep Bur.   Smith William 5 mos
1841   2 Jan Bap.   Smith Joseph s Thomas & Ellen lab
  3 Jan Bap.   Smith Susan d Sophia sp
19 Jun Bap.   Smith Charles s Thomas & Sarah lab Postcombe ptely;recd Oct 31
29 Aug Bap.   Smith Susannah d James & Caroline lab
31 Oct Bap.   Smith George s Thomas & Sarah lab Postcomb
1842 27 Mar Bap.   Smith Louisa d Willm & Sarah lab
18 Sep Bap.   Smith Emma d Thomas & Ellen lab
25 Sep Bap.   Smith William s John & Mary lab Postcombe
18 Sep Bap.   Smith William s James & Caroline lab recd; pte bap a month before
1843   5 Jan Bur.   Smith Susanna 16 mos
  9 Jan Bur.   Smith William 4 mos
14 May Bur.   Smith Esther 80 Postcombe
  8 Oct Bap.   Smith Thomas s Thomas & Sarah lab Postcomb
1844   7 Apr Bap.   Smith Eliza d William & Sarah lab
14 Apr Bap.   Smith Octavia d James & Caroline lab
25 Dec Bap.   Smith Paul s Thomas & Ellen lab
1845 23 Mar Bap.   Smith Robert s Mary lacemr (diff ink-reputed father Henry Phillips)
13 Oct Bap.   Smith Hannah Keziah d Thos & Sarah shepd Postcomb
13 Oct Bap.   Smith Eliza Louisa d Thos & Sarah shepd Postcomb
1846 12 Apr Bap.   Smith Stephen s Willm & Sarah lab
10 May Bap.   Smith Thomas s Charles & Mary publican
28 May Bur.   Smith Emma 3 yrs
1847 10 Jan Bap.   Smith Kezia d James & Caroline shepherd
  2 May Bap.   Smith Louisa d Thomas & Ellen lab
1849 21 May Bap.   Smith Henry s Thomas & Ellen lab
17 Jun Bap.   Smith  Alice d William & Sarah lab
30 Oct Bur.   Smith John 48 Postcomb
1850 19 May Bap.   Smith Ellen d James & Caroline lab
22 Sep Bur.   Smith Martha 27 Postcomb
1851   7 Sep Bap.   Smith Emma d William & Sarah lab
1851 21 Nov Bap.   Smith George s John & Ann lab
  1 Aug Bur.   Smith Wm 9 yrs Postcomb
1852   1 Feb Bap.   Smith Mary Ann d Henry & Ellen lab
  1 Feb Bap.   Smith Charles s Charles & Mary publican
26 Feb Bur.   Smith Emma 8 mos
14 Mar Bap.   Smith Ruth Ann d John & Mary lab Postcomb
15 Mar Bur.   Smith Lydia 3 yrs
  7 Apr Bur.   Smith Wm 46
1853 28 Mar Bur.   Smith Helitia 2 mos Postcomb
12 Jun Bap.   Smith Lydia d Charles & Mary publican
17 Jul Bap.   Smith Edward s Thomas & Elinor watercress mercht
11 Dec Bap.   Smith Isaac s Caroline & James lab
1854 20 Jan Bur.   Smith Isaac 2 mos
11 Feb Bur.   Smith Ann 72
  6 Aug Bap.   Smith Mary Ann d Richard & Maria Elizth lab Postcomb
1855 23 Sep Bap.   Smith Emma Alma d Charles & Jane publican
1856 20 Jan Bap.   Smith Anne Elizabeth d William & Rebecca lab
13 Apr Bap.   Smith William s Thomas & Ellen watercress mercht
19 Oct Bap.   Smith Charles Frederick s Henry & Ellen lab
15 Dec Bap.   Smith  Ann d William & Rebecca lab
1857   9 Sep Bur.   Smith Emma Alma 2 yrs
1858 17 Jan Bur.   Smith William 80 Aston
  8 Apr Bur.   Smith Ellen 26
1859 27 Jun Bur.   Smith Thomas 81 Watlington

Other, potentially relevant Lewknor burials are:
1869 30 Apr   SMITH James 76, and 8 Jun   SMITH James 66
1871  13 Apr    SMITH Sarah 81
1874 11 Nov    SMITH William 44
1877 29 Jan    SMITH Caroline 68
1882 24 Apr   SMITH Richard 53 Adwell, and  30 Oct    SMITH Sarah 71

Transcripts for burials only go up to 1884, but we know from his death certificate that Thomas Smith, watercress grower died 4 February 1885. He is buried in Lewknor Churchyard…see a photo of his grave marker here.

(Surname Saturday is a daily blogging prompt hosted by Geneabloggers)

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